Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day #6 - Holy Cow! Can you believe it!? (Only 15 days to go!)

Today was a frenzy.

Last night was a frenzy.

Tomorrow (Halloween already!) and Saturday with double birthday parties to attend and a karate class the morning after the night before for the kids - promises to just about turn us into permanent walking dead ourselves.

So let's talk a little fun with the bags and I offer you a challenge.

I found this little website on other fun, strange and wonderful things you can do with plastic bags. I did once use bags to do Smooshing on the wall for a treatment a la Debbie Travis' Painted House circa 1997... It did NOT turn out like Debbie's but I digress...

Here is the site:

I challenge you over the next few days to find something online - or tell us about something weird and wonderful you have done with a plastic bag. Check out the link too - maybe it will inspire you. I found this pic on the linked site - my kudos to whoever took the pic/made the bag.

I have to say that tonight - I am exhausted!
Can't wait to sing my pillow to sleep...

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