Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My bad... and then, my oh so good.

So the dining room table is a spot where people, myself included, pile up stuff that they want to put away later.

Well, no more.

I actually am going to post these "Before" pics which I can't even believe - but I will... Don't be scared. The "Now and Forever" pics are coming up right after!

No friends, you are not imagining things - there is a foam sword on top of my dining room hutch. I think I put it there when my son was whacking his cousin over the head with it and making her squeal - and not in a delighted way.

Please though - don't fear - in only 12 minutes... we have this...

Hold your applause until the end okay...

And who would even consider placing anything out of place in this lovely display? (Nobody who wants to remain unharmed - that I can assure you!)

Look - no sword!

And you are not seeing things, I lit the decorative candles. I am home alone, with no company, but I deserve to enjoy my surroundings as much as my company would right?

Please - go find a pretty/smelly candle at your house and light it for me okay?
Do you have 12 minutes today to make sure your dining area is lovely - for you?
It would have taken less time but when I took the things out of the dining room - I put them away in their proper places and I didn't just move them to another spot in the house. And I swept. When the kids get home tonight - I am going to get them to use the lint roller on all the chair seats. Sounds like a job for an almost 8 year old and a 5.5 year old right?


KathyP said...

I confess...I put the sword there when my darling grandchildren were having a fit over it on Sunday while the adults were busy working on the family room reno. He takes after his grandfather ! - Luv, Nanny

Kimberley said...

Just goes to show you - I thought I put the sword there! HA HA HA!
I am sure I have another day though...

Pamela said...

If that isn't inspiration...I don't know what is! Good work Kim!

Kate's Life said...

Kim, as I am reading this I looked up to the top of my Kitchen cabinets and see a sprinkler on hanging over the top of one of my cupboards! I know it has been there a while- and I just now realized it is still there!
Sad!!! It is amazing what one can get used to!
Off to clean off my cupboard ( and my table!)

Kimberley said...

A sprinkler??! - that's awesome!!
Now you will know where it is when summer comes around again - and on a snowy day like today - that sounds good right about now!!

Deanna said...

Ok so my dining table room was already cleaned however I looked at the island in the kitchen and it was a hot mess (pictures coming soon) and I stoped and while kiddo was watching a cartoon and cleaned it. Awesome!

I have also recycled 50 magazines and I have about 60 more to go through!

Kimberley said...

Holy 50 mags - that's fantastic!!!
60 more... someone lucky who gets that bounty passed along will be so grateful!!