Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day #12 - Oh yeah - we rock!

Pam has created this awesome post for today - thanks Pam!!! You rock girl! Kim.
We're well on our way to establishing our new habit - no more plastic bags! Although they do seem to magically appear in the strangest places, don't they? Just last night, my MIL dropped by and after she left there was one on our Island. I'm guessing it came in the door with my MIL although I distinctly remember seeing a cloth bag sticking out of her coat pocket as she left.

But I digress. Our lack of dependency on plastic bags fits well with our next challenge - the focus on decluttering. Think about it for a minute. When you get home with all those plastic bags, where do they go? in a cupboard? a closet? Aren't they just adding to your clutter?

So, already in our first 21 days, we have a "two-fer" (where one change results in 2 benefits)! This is excellent news. May as well be productive while we're at it, eh? Do you have any two-fer examples? Any positive side effects or ironic efficiencies as a result of eliminating/reducing your reliance on plastic bags?

What's really on my mind today is the size, colour, shape of our cloth bags. Where do you get your bags? Do you have a favourite? How long have you had them?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've collected my bags over the years through trade shows, free promos, gift with purchase, etc. My oldest is from grade 10 and my newest is only a few weeks old. I prefer the one's with flat bottoms for groceries, although they don't fold as small for convenient purse carrying.

I'm sure you've all seen the PC bag - - they've gained a large following since their introduction and even sold out! I don't have one personally, but I've seen people in the store with entire sets! What about the shopping bin? Have you tried these? Any benefits to this over cloth bags?

(Note from Kim - my sister Laura swears by the bin - she loves hers and wouldn't give them up for anything! She says that they hold a ton and it makes the cart stay nice and organized whilst still shopping. I say - it ain't a plastic bag and go for it!!!)

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