Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pics of the sink...

So - today we had a renovation day again. We have been working on re-decorating our basement post flood in June. We wanted something on the floor that would be ok if we get more water in and we wanted to repaint/decorate and make it into a real family room down there. When you first walk into the house you currently see the living room and invariably that means toys, kid socks, books and well... people stuff.

We try to keep it all put away but with our hectic schedule it is a constant battle.

I did not get to all of my housework today as I like to on Saturdays and Sundays and since we were at an out of town wedding Friday nite and Saturday - you can imagine the state of affairs over here right now.

However, I did commit to 21 days to get, as my father always says, "A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place."
Here is my sink. It took me until 10:30 to get it here since I couldn't work on it during the day or even in the evening - but I am quite proud of it.

I think I will leave the paper in it until the morning to remind me how proud I am of myself for getting this done - and to prevent anyone from throwing their morning dishes in it before I get to enjoy it in the am...
And lest you think I am perfect (I know, you were thinking it for a second...) ~ Here is the other side of the counter -- warning, it is not a pretty site!

But don't worry - this mess will be tidied up by the morning! Hope you have a lovely night!

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