Thursday, December 4, 2008

Went Christmas Shopping tonight... Figured something out, made my list and checked it twice.

Figured out:
I need to clean out my purse.
It's full of S*T*U*F*F
I hate stuff in my purse.

So Tomorrow:
*There will be pictures of the purse purge.
*And I will draw a name for the bracelet and pop it in the mail. (So go and comment on that post if you haven't already - you might win!)
*I will show you the amazing thing I ordered from AVON to bring order to my gift wrapping needs this Christmas.
*I will post a recipe for 3 quick and easy teacher/coworker gifts that literally take under 10 minutes each to prepare and look yummolicious...
*And I bought some amazing shopping bags made entirely out of recycled 2L pop bottles. I will post a pic and tell you where I got them. 99 cents - Yahoo!
*I will knock at least 2 people off my Christmas list because it is a PD day here and after parent/teacher interviews are done in the morning - I am hitting the shops, sans enfants if you know what I mean, and getting it done!
*I will eat amazing healthy food all day with no JUNK.
*I will get myself a Starbucks soy latté because I deserve it as a special treat
*I will print and enlarge a photo at Blacks I recently took of my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Then I will frame it because it is their 20th wedding anniversary in a few days, and the picture turned out great. I am kind of proud of the picture actually.

I scored some seriously great Christmas presents at an unexpected place for an amazing deal.
I also got all new dishes for my kitchen which I have been wanting to do for years. Literally. So I found the most incredible prices and even though it is so close to Christmas, I couldn't pass them up. Too cheap and EXACTLY my colour (Pam - you will die when you see!)

Tonight I won't:
I need to clean up in this house again - but not tonight. Every day starts out amazing and by 10pm somehow a little tornado has ripped through this place displacing things. I am going to enlist the help of said tornado(s) tomorrow morning in rectifying this situation.

Right now:
I am going to bed. Right now. Going to snuggle with my daughter (yes I know, she's still awake - but it's a special PD Day eve!!!) and read a book with her.

Do you know what you are doing tomorrow?
Make a list.
It's great.


KathyP said...

My Christmas shopping is going well and last night I got a few more things, plus some on-line orders arrived. I'm really in great shape for the shopping. Now I turn my attention to the house. I have more re-organizing of rooms to do, Decluttering in process..I have a charity coming Dec. 16th to pick up used clothing. I would like to paint one bedroom but we'll see..Our family party with 40-50 people is at my place Jan.
3rd. My goal is to have the house in order by Christmas so I'll be ready for the party !

Pamela said...

Please post a picture of the new plates. Please. I'm so excited!!

I love your list. I need to make one. I got a white board for my fridge this week which I'm totally pumped about.

DH randomly had some people over last night. Yikes. Need to get the house in order...starting now!