Friday, December 5, 2008

What did I get done so far? PD Days off work rock!

1. Parent Teacher Interview - check.
2. All the new dishes washed, dried and put away - check. These are them - hot right?!!! I am so totally stoked - Orange is my favourite colour ever! And these are a nice pumpkin smoky orange which is fantastic!
3. At least 2 people crossed off the Christmas list? - At least. I think I can cross off 5 or 6 once I sit down with the list and double check. I will update the list while sitting at the dojo during karate tonight.
4. Old dishes found a new home - check. Our friend and daycare provider was happy to take them off our hands. They are nice dishes - I have just had them for AGES and want to redecorate in here. Already washed up and delivered.
5. Recipes - no baking was made today so far. However, I do have meatballs in the crockpot for the family with homemade sauce (I made it up by grabbing items from the fridge - hope it tastes good!) If it gets raves reviews I will post for you all. Meatball subs it is! The kids are pumped.
6. I did not get all the wrapping paper organized - but I did call my grandma for a big chat, which I have been meaning to do. Important jobs like this need attention.
7. Karate gi - washed and dried and ready to put on in a few minutes.
8. Healthy food all day. Check!
9. I did not get my soy latté today but that's ok - I did get a Timmys which made me happy as well! Tomorrow maybe on my travels...
10. Purse purged, sorted and put back together...
Wanna see? It really wasn't as bad as I thought. The danger of a big purse is a big bunch of stuff you don't need in it. But there wasn't a lot once I dumped it out. Just seemed like it.

Did you do your purse today?

That AERO bar was my son's. The kids helped me clean the purse by eating those.
Not too bad right. I put away my Christmas receipts, chucked the rest and filed.
I checked the ipod for battery power - still good.
I put one of my 2 pairs of mitts in the closet.
I organized and files the papers that were in there and put the jewellery away. Awesome!


Kate's Life said...

Kim, you are my hero!!!! Awesome job with getting stuff done! Maybe I will be more productive tonight! Right now off to grocery shop, with my bags and a list in hand!
Enjoy Karate!

Pamela said...

HOT dishes!! Love them.

Let's see. I've been running like crazy all day. I got a bunch of things done to get ready for tomorrow's Christmas party and I still have a few more to do. DH is making dinner and then I think we'll veg tonight - neither of us are feeling 100%. Maybe I'll make a list for tomorrow.