Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chef Michael - we love you!

Do you ever watch Chef at Home?
With Michael Smith and his wife (no idea what her name is - only that she has curly dark hair and a maritimes accent) and his cutie patootie Gabe?
Ok. Well, if you don't - you should.
That is all I will say about it.

So once you watch it like the good little blog followers that you are - you will undoubtably see his incredible amazing much-coveted pantry.
Oh yeah Michael Smith - well I spent all day today... (and I do mean ALL DAY) taking every single thing out of every single cupboard in my kitchen. Then - I cleaned them and put every single thing away. Except for all the things that I am purging.

I am purging my toaster oven (never use it), old electric tiny juicer, rice/veggie steamer which is just another thing to plug in and then wash and put the 50 parts away again and a multitude of cookie tins, strange lids to things which I don't remember and much, much more.

And if you have seen Michael Smith - you will know about the Mason Jar. Now I LOVE mason jars. Weird, I know.
They are just so darn useful.

Today I sent hubby off to Canadian Tire to load up on even more mason jars. I was tad worried since it isn't really pickling season that he wouldn't find them but there were tons over there. He also stopped by the bulk barn for me to get some gluten free pasta and a few spices I was running out of.

I put every spice from my existing cupboard in its own tiny mason jar.
Then I labeled them (on the bottom) using my fantastic dymo label maker. What an awesome Christmas gift that thing is - we use it a lot!
I put all of my baking supplies in mason jars or giant plastic containers, also picked up by DH today. Labeled those suckers too.
Then I put all my pasta, rice etc etc etc in jars and put them all away.
I switched around almost every cupboard. All my pots are where my cans were and vice versa.
I imagine it will be pretty funny watching me cook around here for the next few days. People may here the odd "crap", "damn" or "sugarballs" around here when I reach in the wrong dang cupboard until I get used to it all.

But when I open the cupboards now - and all the Tupperware is stacked, lids on, ready for use - I swear I can hear the angels choir singing Hallelujah just for me. And for hubby too.

If I wasn't totally dog-tired right now I would take a picture and upload it for you. But that part will have to wait until another day.

I hope you are all doing well!


Kate's Life said...

Good for you Kimmy!!!!
There is nothing quite like a clean, organized kitchen!!! Don't you love those label makers! My dad has one- I covet it every time I visit!!!
Have a great Monday!

Regan said...

I had to laugh- Sonny is addicted to the fod network- he did the mason jar thing last year- its awesome

I still like Bobby Flay better though.

Pamela said...

Super jealous - would you like to take a stab at my kitchen?

And kudos to Dave for knowing what a mason jar is!

Deanna said...

Sounds delicious Kim... would love to see a pic! Organized stuff makes me happy!

KathyP said...

Tackled my pot and appliance cupboard this morning.. leaving are: one broken popcorn maker and one rusty poached egg pan. Off to dollar store later to get some shelf liner and hooks to complete the reno !