Monday, January 5, 2009

Monkey Wrenches and Sidestreets

We have SPOTS over here!
Actually it's my son - he has the chicken pox poor kid. And he is COVERED. When my daughter had them they were so mild and few that it was almost a non-event, like, what's the big deal guys?

Now I know.
Boy do I know. My heart is breaking for this little trooper because he is so tough and brave but dying to scratch. And it's early days yet.

We have been doing tons of snuggling. I have brawled using Bakugans a lot. I never win one battle. Not one. But it sure is funny when he says, "That's okay mom, you might win next time" and then proceeds to kick my butt again.

We stayed up until 1am watching Ironman because that is what he wanted to do and he couldn't sleep anyway with the itching.

Today we will make a great grocery list and go through the freezer, pantry and try to menu plan using some of the many things we already have. I am famous for buying more and more and more. If there is ever a blackout/snowstorm and you can get yourself here - I can feed you. Especially if you like baked beans, rice or chick peas. Or frozen waffles. Or granola bars. We got em aplenty. And thank goodness for that.

Make a menu for the week if you can. I am going to try. Now that we are all back-to-school/work/karate/sports (except for the chicken pock kid) we gotta get back on track.
Jump on too if you like.

Here's wishing you an itch-free long-nap kind of day.
I'm tired.


KathyP said...

Poor Rui ! Hope you are feeling better soon !

Jillian said...

You're a hero mom!! My boys have tons of Backugon's and we play, but we don't actually play...we don't have a game, or a clue how it's played, but they do backugon vs army men wars. LOL

Sure hope your little man is on the mend!!