Saturday, October 25, 2008

21 Days to Change the World - Welcome!

I have been inspired lately in so many ways.
Strangers and friends alike have impacted my life in profound ways.
Litter-free lunches at our school have rocked my world.
So we are going to start small.
We are all environmentalists. Even though we are just a little family trying to do the right things, our responsibility to help keep our world a cleaner, greener place. We will embark on other changes too that will impact us at home, in our health, in our diets - but you can join us and make change for yourselves as well.
Add us to your blog reader.
Leave us a comment to encourage us and other readers to keep on going.

This is not an environmental change only blog though. We are starting green but will hopefully change our family in other ways including our health by making good healthy choices, decluttering and organizing our home, finishing home reno projects that have been sitting unfinished or even unstarted for ages, and improving our communication with each other and our friends and extended family. We are not counsellors or health and exercise experts by any stretch. We are just a little family. Play along with you if you like.

We will add Daily Posts - numbered for your convenience so you can jump in anytime and play along. You can change your own habit, separate of ours and just use the daily updates as encouragement if you like to help you stay on your own journey. Whatever you like and whatever you take from this is up to you!

We will include lots of pictures if we can (time permitting in our busy little family) and link to great websites to help you do your own research and form your own opinions on topics we are following here.

Come on - join us! What's 21 days anyway? That's not even a month of your life to try it out!
Even if you quit after a week - at least you tried. Nothing ventured nothing gained right?
And you can start over anytime! No judgments here!

Please leave lots of comments, but please be respectful. If you leave something inappropriate or hateful - it will be deleted. Having a different opinion from ours, respectfully stated - will be welcomed and encouraged here in our space.


Kate's Life said...

I love this idea Kim! I am in!!! Adding you to my reader and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Thanks for helping to lead us all in the right direction!

Kimberley said...

Thanks so much Kate! Now you and TX go and get your reuseable bags out to the car or near the front door!! :)

jenn said...

Love it kim! I'm on board here!!!