Saturday, October 25, 2008

Starting Small AKA Day #1

Small change can be huge if it takes away our creature comforts and everyday conveniences.
We are starting with these guys... plastic grocery bags.

For 21 days no new shopping bags will enter our house except when we have carried it into the store in the first place. The trick is going to be convincing my husband that this is something to stick to. I am going to work on him later today - but for now this is the pledge.

We will remember our darn bags when we go into a store every time. Even if it means we have to leave our parcels and run out and get them - or carrying smaller amounts in our purse or in our hands - we will not take those darn plastic bags!!

Not convinced?? - check out this link! Be sure not to miss the ticker at the top of the screen or to the right on this blog. Let's see if we can slow that sucker down!

Many of you will say that you re-use them and recycle them and I do too. That's awesome but it is not enough. Browse the net and just read for yourself the animals that die each year by becoming tangled in plastic shopping bags that never break down. Here's a quote from the above link:
"Plastic bags don't biodegrade, they photodegrade - breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits contaminating soil and waterways and entering the food web when animals accidentally ingest."

Shocked yet? Just remember, it's not just animals who are in danger. The "top of the food chain" is still the food chain.

Strategy -- One of my troubles is remembering to take them in the store in all my frenzy of busy errands, working full-time and running a household and a couple of kids (I have 2 aged almost 8 and 5.5). I always have these shopping bags in the back of my car but I forget to actually take them into the store. Starting today - I am going to keep 2 on the front seat beside me to serve as a reminder to take them in the store!!

Want to join - post a comment here and if you a have a similar blog or a blog related to our current topic - include your address and I will add it to the blogroll!

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Colleen said...

We have thankfully gotten to about 95% with taking in our recycling bags and it's generally when I make an unscheduled stop for a couple of things that I forget them at home. I try to not use any and just get a few things I can pack out in my arms!

Love this idea for a blog! Good luck!

jenn said...

We use our own bags about 90% of the time, i'm going to strive for the rest! Especially with all the xmas shopping right now!!!

Vicki said...

We use our own bags most of the time but this has reminded me to do better. Also, I don't drive to the grocery store (I don't drive anywhere for that matter) so I figure that helps too. For another challenge I recommend asking people to cut down on their car dependency.

Kimberley said...

Good idea Vicki. I will add that one to the next poll for sure! I was actually thinking the same thing when I was driving in my own car today!
Thanks everyone!