Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day #4 - Doing.. well.. OK I guess

Will we always be able to sing and dance in the rain?
So I debated about telling the truth about something. I thought about it since I arrived home for dinner and I decided - if I didn't, this place wouldn't be authentic or real. And that's not what we are about. We are not about perfection. We are about improvement right? And effort? And positive reinforcement. So even though the idea crossed my mind to just keep quiet... I couldn't do it.

So, what's my crime?

I brought home one plastic bag today.

Here is my night, and it is no excuse - well... it might be a little bit of an excuse.

Left work at 4:30 to run and grab the kids at daycare.
Changed daughter into karate gear in the foyer of the daycare provider's home.
Threw kids and their 700 school bags, crafts, Webkinz, coats, hats, mitts into my car.
Drove to karate and dropped off daughter.
Took son to the Superstore to grab a Halloween costume, some milk, cucumbers and bread.
By now, it is 5:10 - I know time flies when you are having fun!
So we shop, we pack our grocery into our cloth bags we brought in with us - yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full.
Twice I reminded the bagger (and they NEVER bag for me so I don't get it!) that I had my own bags and I didn't take any from her. I was really nice about it though and so was she. She just wanted to be on to the next person in line.
So we dash across to grab my daughter some new "fur"-lined crocs and a Bakugan for the boy (he's addicted and I am enabler).
I realize that I have to get back to the dojo and get my daughter so we dash out of the store - I practically knock over a lady who was in the store with my 3 bags full - she smiled though and I said Sorry!
We get in the car, drive past our house - see husband is home - drop son off and all the groceries - grab the crocs and run over to the dojo to pick up the daughter because I think I am almost late. Get there and wait - they go long in class.
Grab daughter, run home, serve crockpot dinner onto plates and realize something awful...
There is a white plastic bag on the counter.
Where did it come from?
I look at it - no store name.
It wasn't there before work.
I KNOW I took my bags in and used them - remember the cashier and our reminders?
I ask my husband - where did this bag come from?
He says, "I think you brought it in with you from shopping."
My heart sinks.
I look inside.
Receipt from the croc store.


So I am telling you because it's okay. I am sad that I didn't even realize he bagged the crocs and that I took it from his hand. That's how the plastic bag is so part of our routine. And I will make sure it doesn't happen again. Sneaky little plastic devils!

So, I told the truth and I'm glad. If you forget - it's okay - we won't judge. We will tell you that it is okay and just try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will tell you the story of my friend Pam. She started to tell me about a time when a store tried to charge her for using her own cloth bags instead of taking plastic. I didn't get to hear the whole story - but I will ask her again and post it here if she is cool with that.

In the meantime, Joanne asked about what to use for her garbage when she runs out of grocery bags and I have to tell you - I was wondering EXACTLY the same thing. I am still doing research but here is what I have come up with so far... I will also keep my eyes peels in the shops.


These eco friendly bags have undergone testing and break down quickly at normal outdoor temperatures in landfull but do not rot in the day or two that you have them in your bin.

They are likely more than people normally pay for grocery bags - but not much really. 30 bags on a roll at $3.99 - not a big investment in our earth I think. Our daily coffee certainly costs way more than that!

They have the big plastic garbage bags for the curb too.
Here is an article about the extra costs though just to cover both sides...


My daughter asked if we could just use the garbage can without any bag at all. You totally could. It might get gross and smelly and awful to clean though. But you could.

If you recycled absolutely everything you could, and composted the rest - there really wouldn't be much in the end anyway.

Our dog would happily eat all the leftover food scraps (regardless of what there is!!) but I think that way we would just end up with a sick dog I think.

My answer is to just check the organics aisle in your own grocery store or around the other grocery bags and see what is available. I am betting there are also tons of places online to buy these things as well... if you are into that. I bet Canadian Tire has some options. Or the hardware store where you live.

I tell you what though - I really want me some "furry" crocs now.


Pamela said...

Ah Kim, you're forgiven. That's why it takes 21 days!

I've sent you my story - happy to share it.

Can't wait to read more about the enviro bags. Even though I've used cloth bags for years, I've been a bit of a culprit of forgetting every now and again so I had enough plastic for the garbage.

Tell Gabby, that I throw my small plastic bags in the big garbage bin and put them at the end of the driveway every week. No issues there. I don't know if we even own any of the big black bags. Just make sure you put your garbage out every week in the summer!

jenn said...

ah kimmy! I've brought home two this week too! Not on purpose, habit. I did do well grocery shopping and even at the dollar store I took my own bag!!! LOL But I was rushing the other night through the mall and didn't have my own bags with me :(

Vicki said...

I brought one home today too. I dashed up to the mall to get guinea pig food and a present for Sid's buddy. Got the gift, put it in my bag (I carry a big purse), then went to get the food thinking hey it's already in a bag, I don't need another and totally forgot...till I was on the subway. Ooops. Glad I'm not the only one!

Kate's Life said...

So far, so good! Cashiers kill me, they look at me and say- "are you sure???" when I tell them no bag! My secret ( like Vic) super big purse!!!!

As for the garbage thing- we have enough to do for our lifetime I am sure!

Keep on keepin ladies- we can totally do this! And just think- you accidently had 1 bag- you could have had 6 or 7! You are still wayy ahead if you ask me!!!

Kimberley said...

Whew! Thanks guys - glad it wasn't just me! There will be none today - I can guarantee it!