Monday, October 27, 2008

Day #3 - Only 19 more days to break the habit!!

So it's been 3 days. I am noticing some strange things are happening. We need some terminology for it maybe to define this unique side effect. At work we call it "scope creep" when the scope of a project creeps outwards until you have this massive undertaking when you thought you had a little set of tasks. Happens all the time.

Well, this "creeping" here - what should we call it?
Side effect sounds a little like a rash or low grade fever. A virus that spreads is infinitely worse. It's not quite a snowball though - we don't want any melting of our good work. Needs a positive term. Let's call it "a la mode" - does that work? That little extra delicious something added to something that is already spectacular!

Ok - that was a long way to get to the point - sorry... but in the future if I refer to "a la mode" I mean some great lateral bonus caused by our current focus. Cool?
So my husband was totally into this whole idea, as I mentioned but here is my first a la mode for you - he went out the very next day and bought these:

Pretty awesome right? He just came home and said - " know I was thinking about the bags and so when I went to grab a coffee - I grabbed these too!" Come on - is that cute or what?!

These beauties were about $4 each and come with a coupon inside for a free coffee - and everytime you bring your cup such as the one above - they take 10 cents off your refill. Pretty wicked right? I washed mine out but today went without my trip to Timmys since I ran out of time this morning. Can't wait to give it a go tomorrow!

Please leave a comment today if you get a chance so I know you are checking in! Let me know how it is going for you so far... I didn't go to any shops today or yesterday - so I am still good for my goal of no new bags. The husband and kids too. We are all on track!

How is it going with you?


Joanne said...

Old habits die hard but I would love to try. One question though, what do I put my garbage in when my plastic grocery bags run out?

Kate's Life said...

So far so good! I did some shopping yesterday and the day before and no bags! ( I didn't bring my reusable bags so it is good I have a huge purse!!!)
I am all about the reusable coffee mug! I use my stainless tea cup all the time and we bring TX's stainless water bottle everywhere we go!

jenn said...

I check every day. The coffee mug thing is what I'm bad at! lol I'm always using a timmies cup!!! AND I have tons of togo mugs :(