Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Day #2 - We made it!! 20 days to go before we are free of the plastic!

We did it! Day #1 was a big success! We did not bring one new plastic bag into our home. I went out to a shop, black cloth bag swinging proudly at my shoulder and I was watching people I passed and quite a lot of them had their bags on too. I know it is a cardinal sin to speak to people in lines or in elevators (although I talk to them mostly anyway) but maybe one time this week tell someone you are glad when you see them using their cloth bags. Just mention it and give them a compliment. I bet it would make them feel good and it would probably even encourage them to remember as well...

Yesterday I talked with the kids and my husband about the importance of bringing our own bags (now there's a start, a conversation) and we were all in total agreement! We went to the store and remembered and hubby went out twice and declined the plastic bag he was offered. (I'm so proud of him - although not all that surprised he was so supportive of the idea.) We discussed at some length what to do with the bags we already have in the house. Do we recycle them? Do we keep using them for garbage bags like we do now until they are gone? I mean, they are already here and produced right? There are a million articles about this topic if you wanted to browse. We are still on the fence but for now - we are using up what we have and still reading more to figure it out.

Here is one article I found - it makes some good sense. I am not sure I am at the level of washing out my plastic bags and then using them for a rainhat - but I will leave that decision in your capable hands... Everyone has a comfort level.

If you want to recycle them, check the website for your area and see what their rules are. Also check with your own grocery store - they may have a recycling bin for old bags as well.

I thought I would include a small objective each day if I can. For Day #1 we went through our closets looking for any cloth bags we already had. And we placed them by the front door or in our cars. For Day #2 please try and read at least one article about this topic and tell one friend about our plans okay?

Post a comment and let me know how you did yesterday! I would love to know if you had any interesting adventures and your habit-breaking successes.

Remember also that this is a plastic bag blog only for the next 20 days. Please vote to the right about what habit you would like to break next or post a comment if there is something else you wanted to work on.

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Louisa said...

This is great Kim! We have been using our recyclable grocery bags for sometime now...I just have to really get used to taking them to other stores too!