Monday, November 3, 2008

11 Days to go! Wow time is going fast!

We are doing really well with this challenge.
I have a few updates...
Still doing fantastically with no bags and we have no more sandwich bags either in our house. We started out the school year with "litter-free" lunches - although things do still create litter like granola bars and crackers that come in packets. But we eliminated juice boxes this year and do not buy ANY and the kids use refillable containers that they bring home each night. We also stopped buying water bottles and we bought a water cooler which we adore - it does hot and cold water! Best purchase! We love it!
AND we finally ran out of sandwich bags and no more will be purchased!
I did try and pre-emptively buy some bio kitchen garbage bags though for that day when I run out of old grocery bags - but they didn't have them at my store. I will have to start looking. My supply is depleted by more than half - so I would hate to run out before I have a solution.

Let me know what you guys find!

Here is a couple of pics we took this weekend when we were out for a birthday party...

But we are working on it - aren't we!!?

As for the poll - it is all closed and the focus will be on de-cluttering and organizing in the home. I have tons of resources for this one - so keep checking in!

Here is a small chore - if you see one of these wayward bags when you are out walking - and you can safely do it - could you recycle it or get it out of the beautiful trees!?

Have a wonderful evening!

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Kate's Life said...

I have to confess that I messed up and took a plastic bag home the other day!OOPS!!! It happened so fast, I didn't even realize it untill I left the store! I will keep working on it!
Good call on picking the wayward plastic bags out of trees Kim! Will keep my eye out in my travels!