Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today is Day 8! Only 13 days to go and we officially have ourselves a fantastic habit!!

How has it been going for you?

So far, except for the one slip up - it has been not too much trouble really. I am adjusting to the random cloth bags turning up all over the house from the in and outs they are getting - but I can live with that!

This weekend is, in a word, HECTIC.

With Halloween last night and karate for my son, and with hanging out with my niece in the afternoon (she's 2 and I forget how busy 2 is) and the Halloween festivities at work, and everyone coming over for T-or-Ting and today with karate for daughter and 2 birthday parties - one 11-3 and the next 3-10pm - it should be insane but in a fun, high-pitched yelling, too much cake and candy, driving around town a lot kind of way. To get through it, I predict staying positive and enjoying it because if I don't - it could get kind of stressful and they will only be young and need me to run them around for such a short time really. So I am going to love every second of today - and listen carefully to their excited tales of their party adventures - and yes, rub their tummies if they eat too many sweets because, I would have done exactly the same thing when I was a kid.

Also I have some projects due (one due today) that I haven't started - but it's a fun project so I can live with that - I just have to squeeze it in.

So if the household projects have to wait another weekend - oh well I guess. Our home isn't likely to ever be featured in "In Style" so as long as it's clean and we don't trip over things going up the stairs, things are good.

And de-cluttering looks like it is the next 21 days - so that can be my excuse for now! HA!

Remember if you are out Christmas shopping or stocking up on groceries or birthday gifts (!) for friends, take in your bags! I have another fun post from Pam which I put up just below. We used our cloth grocery bags for trick or treating last night! Perfect!

Gotta get ready now - let the GAMES BEGIN!
Here is Pam's awesome post. Pam - thanks for sharing this with us! She even typed it on a Blackberry which sitting in an airport yesterday - Go girl!
Cloth bags - not just for groceries!!
One of the messages we're trying to convey during these 21 days isthat cloth bags aren't just for groceries. From clothes shopping to running to the corner store, cloth bags can go anywhere.
Where have you taken yours?
I'm sitting in the airport and I can't help but notice that the gate attendent has a cloth bag. I wonder what's in it? Her lunch? Some water? Her purse? A change of clothes? Regardless, its good to see that cloth bags are everywhere. We must keep up our efforts though. When I stopped for a package of Halls, I was offered a plastic bag. I politely said no.
What is the strangest place you've seen a cloth bag?
What non-shopping activities do you use yours for?
I've taken food in mine to a potluck. Used on to carry my library books. Emptied the contents of my pantry into one when we were moving our island to put in a new kitchen floor. As a child, cloth bags were part of our summer vacations. From beach blankets to picnic supplies, Mom had dozens of uses for them. Maybe the most seasonally appropriate use is trick or treating!
Happy haunting!

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