Tuesday, November 11, 2008

18 days done - only 3 more to go!

I fear the Christmas shopping.
Today I went to get my 1st couple of Christmas gifts and found that I ended up with a plastic bag. This time at least I had somewhat of an excuse (I think) - the gift I bought, actually for a wedding this Friday, was too big to fit in any kind of cloth totes... BIG box. And I was in heels shopping on my lunch so what do you do?
Did I do the right thing?
Well, maybe not - but I can tell you this -- the bag is so big that I will definitely be reusing it over and over as I travel from home to home this holiday season bringing the necessary baked goods and gifts that travel everytime you leave the house it seems like.

So I will relinquish the guilt - have to right?

What does this mean for Christmas shopping? Well, there are a couple of facts I know for sure:
-I will keep comfier shoes under my desks with my multiple pairs of heels kicked under there for wearing on lunchtime Christmas shopping
-I will only buy big things on weekends when I can keep them in the cart bagless and go straight to the car with them
-I will plan shopping trips really well (ha ha ha I crack myself up sometimes) and TRY to make less trips and know exactly what I am trying to pick when I get there.

Maybe I will put a sticky note on the fridge to remind myself about bringing bags in and force myself to put a tick on it if any bags get in the house. I still think I will congratulate myself that since mid-October - only 2 more bags have been consumed by me!!!

My dear husband asked me last night if I meant to put Saran wrap on the shopping list. (He said - isn't that unenvironmental??) Hey - I think he's brainwashed now too! LOVE it!

Don't forget - De-cluttering is coming up in just 3 days (Friday - which happens to be a day off from work for me due to the Friday nite wedding in Barrie) and Iwill have lots of time to get the first big post done!

I got 2 new cluttering and organizing books last week at a book fair in our work cafeteria. Mostly common sense stuff BUT doesn't mean we can't use the reminder sometimes for common sense items too!

Maybe as a prize - I will mail one of these new books to one of you guys as a reward for playing along and posting your clutter successes with us here...

I think we need some kind of a tracker. I will work on that before Friday!! I am VERY excited about this one as I am just finishing the basement reno this week - JUST in TIME!!!!

Tell your friends okay!???? Especially if you are afraid of eating cookies at their house because there might be cat hair in them!


Kate's Life said...

Kim, you are way to hard on yourself!!! Let go of the guilt! You have been rocking this and ispiring all of us! You are far more powerful than 2 extra plastic bags you took home!
Keep up the great work Kim, can't wait for decluttering ( goodness knows I need this!)

KathyP said...

I am very excited for the decluttering. I have already started as this comes at an opportune time. I recently decluttered one of my kitchen cupboards that was a true "Kitchen Nightmare" I sorted all my spices and put the open bag ones in sealed plastic containers with labels. In cleaning out this cabinet I found I had four paprikas ! I combined 3 and donated the fourth to my youngest daughters new kitchen. She just moved to her own home. The move has started us on the sorting and decluttering process as we moved her things and purged our excess. It feels great !