Saturday, November 15, 2008

21 days down!!

I can't believe I haven't had the chance to post since Tuesday!
I just returned today from a wedding out of town. What a whirlwind. Since it was a Friday evening wedding it was quite the endeavour to get all of our family coordinated from our different workplaces all from our town to another town using the minimum number of cars and still all get there on time. We almost made it! We were late getting to the cocktail hour - however, there was a very big accident on the 400 so it was a bit of a zoo...

We didn't miss anything really - and we weren't the last ones to arrive so all was well.

I know for me personally, I feel like the last 21 days (22? 23?) were a huge success and transformation for me. I know that the odd plastic bag will enter the house - but our whole family is just so much more conscious of the consumption of these materials. The kids noticed and remind and encourage and hopefully - we have started to create little green who will go forth and be green in so many ways. Maybe this little start on our part will help shape their environmentality (I love that word!) - I sure hope it does...

Keep up the awesome work on the bags! I know I will. Send me any successes or funny stories if you like or post them in the comments section - I would love to hear if this has been helpful to you or not!!!

ONWARD decluttering!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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