Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day #10 - It's Tuesday... How's it going?

I have a bunch of pix to share from around our house. I kept promising these and then would run out of time... And I have a few tips to share tonight as well...

Also we have a wicked name for the crockpot! Thanks ladies for sending in your ideas. I fell in love right away with the name!
She is called "Betty Crocker-pot!" Isn't that BRILLIANT!
I will post you guys a recipe for your crockpot this week for sure!

See above - what you see there is my kitchen at 6:39 pm.

But how does it look at 7:39pm. Look down. And what is that in the middle of the stove? Tonight's dinner? No my friends, read on!!

Those dishes in the sink are clean. When I stopped to take the picture, I was helped my girl with her homework - so these are just drying up in the sink! All clean - NOT guilty! Ha ha ha!

Tip: If you put a pretty display on any appropriate flat surface, see my dining table here, you are a lot less likely to place junk or piles of stuff on it either. Doesn't it still look pretty after almost an entire week. And I promise - except for dusting it on the weekend - nothing has been piled here at all - and I have added the tradition big bowl 'o' Christmas nuts. Unfortunate fact: We do not actually own a nutcracker that really cracks nuts. Just the decorative ones. Oops.

And some pics of the basement renos! I keep taking about it... here are just a couple to share... more once we get some proper new chairs and stuff... Here is the floor I laid my very own self (with just a little help, okay lots of help, from my family of course!!)

And here is what is sitting on top of that delightful beauty of a floor!!! Put these up ourselves!

I put out just a few of my favourite Christmas decorations. This is just a start - we have boxes more to put out!!
I LOVE nutcrackers at Christmas time.

Tip: As you take out your decos this year - get rid of, donate, give to a relative and purge your Christmas decorations. Think of it this way... if you aren't going to put it out this year - why would you next year? Get rid of it instead of packing it away for another year!!
If you have lots - take a picture of all the boxes you take out this year and then a picture in the new year of the reduced number of boxes you have to pack again after the holidays. So satisfying!!!

Tip: Think about what you are going to have to do tomorrow evening (do this every night!!!) and take things out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. Figure out if you need a trip to the store on your lunchbreak or at some point during your day. Plan at least one dinner ahead and it says that panic, driving home from work, what the h-e-double hockey sticks am I going to cook when I get home. I do this every night and sometimes am still asking myself this question at 6:30! That baked chicken with herbs will be heated up tomorrow night with some veggies, rice or pasta and voila! DONE like Dinner... (Sorry, couldn't help myself!)
Peace y'all - one month til the big day!!

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Pamela said...

Great name! I love my crock pots (yes, I have 3 and yes I use them all at the same time!)

I also totally love those basement shelves! Great job.