Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday the 23rd - AKA Day #8 and it's time to name my crockpot.

SO far in the last 8 days we have a lot to celebrate!
-My dining room is so nice, well, you could eat off the table (wink wink)
-The kitchen is sparkly. From the sink on outwards.
-I washed the floors on my very own hands and knees yesterday before the company arrived and today, I just need to walk about with a wet cloth and touch up the spots that happened today. So much easier to keep clean than to get clean right?
-The bedrooms all got fresh linens from my amazingly organized linen closet. Man that's nice crawling into a crisp clean smelly-nice bed.
-The toilets were all cleaned. Tub too. Hung up the fancy shower curtain and put out the brand spanking new bath mat. We deserve it as well as visitors. It's not going back in the cupboard waiting for a bathroom reno like it was before. Forget that!
-The family room in the basement was swiffered and dusted. Most of the movies and books around the house migrated down there to the new shelving units. Where they belong.
-The kids got to jump in the jumpy castle which came in for a visit from the garage. (Yes we have a jumpy castle and yes we use it in the basement. Highly recommended. I love that thing too)
-Bought a new area rug for the new rec room too. Totally worth it for as long as the cats can refrain from leaving a hairball on it. Should be good for a while I guess.
-Visitors came and went. Meals were cooked and served and washed up after.
And, a little thing that makes me smile so much...
...there is nothing except my beloved crockpot on top of the fridge and I even shined her. I really do LOVE my crockpot - just had to get a new one on Thanksgiving weekend too cause my old girl cracked and cooked her last meal. Some people name their cars, or their houses. I am naming the crockpot. Definitely a girl - her name will be... ??
Send me a name suggestion and I will pick the one I like the best. And I will post a picture of her with her new name. Come on - she needs some direction! PUH-LEASE! Pretty please with some roasted chicken and veggies in it?
If we get at least 4 name suggestions - I will post a lovely crockpot recipe for you to enjoy as well. I have MANY!

Okay... one more job for you to round out the weekend. Whether it is Sunday night or Monday when you read this - go have a lovely bath with something extra awesome and smelly that you received as a gift and were saving. Never save these things - they are meant for you to enjoy.
Get a book, a cuppa tea, a glass of wine, some candles if you like and get in the tub. If you HATE the tub as I understand some people do (I don't get it, the hating of delicious bubbly soapy smelly hot relaxing peacefulness - but I am not here to judge! LOL) have a long shower. This one time, do not worry about the water bill or shaving your legs if you don't wanna... just go in for the sake of going in and feeling all warm and clean after. If it's bedtime - do this and then crawl directly into bed with a book or your spouse or a show if you have a tv in your room...

I'm going to the tub NOW! Right after I clean out the litter box (Ick - dreaded destestable chore!) then I will be squeaky clean and smelling great for bedtime. Meee-owwwwwww sisters!



KathyP said...

I suggest you name her Betty's a suggestion for your cats. Maybe if you bought them a pet bed they would use it. My dogs love theirs ! There are some inexpensive ones available from Len's Mills & I think Zellers and Walmart had them for $10.

Ladybing said...

I like Betty CrockerPot!