Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day #15 - A Little Task

When you were looking for your cloth bags around the house - did you find lots?
I found that I had more than I thought - and then in the middle of this adventure I went to a tradeshow and got a few more (I really wish I had grabbed as many as I could but I am in marketing - but shy at swag-grabbing - is that weird?)

Ok - so I have more than I need right now... A good problem to have to be sure.

So I gave one to my little sister the other day.
And I going to find someone else to give one to this week but with a tag on it that I will make that says - Pass on Plastic - Put this in your Purse! (I'll post a pic once I have it done!)
I am going to try and find someone that is not in my immediate family too... and look for one of the bags that clips or folds up really small in my collection. If you have lots - can you do this too?

This is good practice for when you are just running to the pharmacy or a smaller shop.
For example, I was in Rogers Video last night (got a new Wii game that kicks some BUTT - literally!) and I had to decline a plastic bag twice! The girl was just being extra helpful - no complaints about that, she was awesome. I stuck the game in my purse since it was small - but I don't have a folded bag in my own purse yet. Doing that today too!

All my bags are in the car though - and that is working out awesome.

I was also at the dollar store near my house the other night while one of the kids were in their karate class and I declined the bag and used my cloth one from the car. The man even commented to me that lots of people lately are saying no to bags. (Hooray!)
I just said - "Yeah, we're trying to save the environment from too many plastic bags even a little bit. He thought that was good!"

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Pamela said...

I'm still looking for the perfect one to go in my purse. Not an issue in the winter when I carry a bigger purse, but when I downsize in the Spring...I may just have to so shopping!

I'm always trying to stuff things in my purse when I find myself without a cloth bag. Going to work with a can of beans isn't all that productive though!