Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have been working each night on my basement and it's almost done! TRIM and BASEBOARD on last night - and if you know my husband and I - we NEVER get the trim and baseboard on in a finished room. Most of our projects come to a grinding halt right here - but now - we are afraid no more!! We did it - with a lot of help from my mom, dad, sister and brother in law. Awesome!
So now, I get to reorganize the rest of the house where stuff got stashed post-June-flood.
Tonight - all the books in the house (and we have TONS) will get sorted, purged, picked over and the ones that get to stay (and that is LOTS) will move into their proper home in our basement. Books I have borrowed from others will be returned, magazines will be recycled or put away and DVDs and Movies will all find a shelf.

Today - go through your literary clutter if you can and get rid of at least 15 minutes worth of old papers, books, mags or anything else wordy. Get a small bag and drop off magazines to a senior centre, doctors office, daycare centre (they use them for crafts) or hairdresser - or just get them in the blue box. Just make sure it is okay with the places you are thinking of first...
Got a great book but you won't read it again - pass it on - share the story with a friend or neighbour.

Have a great day!!

More pictures tonight - I swear this time!

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