Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Day is it? This week is cuckoo!

This week feel apart for me a little as it relates to blogging. However, my sink and counters still look amazing.

Last night my cousin Erin called and said that she is arriving with her family today around 2pm and along with her is my cousin Jerry - who lives in England normally - and his fiancée Sarah and her little boy. HOORAY! Instant party.

But what does this really mean for my house. In a word - holy crapola!!

It's okay. The kitchen (thanks to this blog and thanks to all of you for playing along) is pretty ok. I jumped out of bed early this morning and all of the beds have been change-sheeted. The bathroom upstairs needed just a little bit of attention and it's almost done.

I stopped for about 15 minutes while my daughter was in the tub and totally cleaned the linen closet.

Here is your job for today - if you have a linen closet - or other place where you keep all your towels and stuff - CLEAN it!

-throw away ripped ones or ones that are decorative but you actually hate them and never put them out.
-Add some of that stuff to your donation bag you started because these are definitely something that anyone could use
-get rid of any junk that got stashed in the cupboard (I found Polly pocket stuff, books and costume jewellery in mine) - put it away or chuck it.
-Fold up all the towels nicely and neatly and make lovely stacks of your linens.

Tip for sheets and bedding: I read this is a Martha Stewart mag years ago - fold a whole matching set of sheets, shams, dust ruffles, etc. and store the whole lot inside of one of the pillowcases for the set. Then you don't have to worry if the elasticy sheet doesn't lay flat and if you have to make a bed up in a hurry, you just grab the set and head to the proper room. Cool right? I have been doing this for a while and it rocks. I also have a elasticy sheet folding seminar for you - which, I hope I can post tomorrow - I will take pics with my daughter and post it here for your enjoyment if you like...

That's it for now. I am doing a major quick-clean. Flylady calls this a crisis cleaning (which it is really) and I have 2 hours left before I promised myself I would stop and jump in the shower.

So go now and look at your linens. If you are already sorted out in this area - check your kitchen towel drawer (mine is bursting full!) and see if you can purge there as well.

Also, dust on top of your fridge. I swear, get on a chair (be careful) and just have a peek - it's crazy up there if you don't do this often.

I hope you all have a fantastic day! xo


Pamela said...

I use that technique for my sheets all the time. It's awesome. No more lost pillow cases!

The other trick I've learned is to lay your out of season sheets flat between your mattress and box spring. You don't feel a thing and they are safely out of sight.

Kate's Life said...

Hey Kim!
I hope you have a great day with your family! I am using you as an inspiration around here- I still need a lot of work!
Hope you don't mind- I got tagged and am passing along to you!
Come and check it out when you get a chance!
Have a great day!

KathyP said...

Kim, your house looked amazing but even more important, I think our visitors were very impressed with how our family enjoys their times together. Here's hoping that they choose to make KW their new home when they move to Canada. I want to hug that Toby guy !

jenn said...

Hope you had a great time... you got me de cluttering my house. Somehow I managed to get three HUGE bags out of my front closet. It feels soooo good and empty right now ;) hehe thanks dear. The kick in the pants I needed!

Kimberley said...

Kate - I loved the tag - so SWEEET!
Just rounding up 7 interesting or weird things about me. There are many - trying to narrow it down.. HA HA!