Sunday, December 7, 2008

A tiny bit of space causes a large adjustment!

My son (the younger of my 2 kids) lost his 1st tooth today. My last baby is becoming a big kid!

I myself still feel like I am a teenager most of the time. So how can my kids be losing teeth and getting older?
So not cool.
Wasn't he just born yesterday? Or at least just last week?
Man -- he is one handsome kid though.
Thanks for letting me share a bit!
It's Day One again...
Got all the teachers gifts purchased today. Made a couple of Christmas cards.
Best of all, I went out with my daughter, mom and sister - I saw some friends at a shop we all love and I had some lovely snuggle time with dh and kids.
What could be better?
I hope you had some quiet, family or friend time today with some loved ones.
Tomorrow -- try and give your bathroom a quick wipedown and swish your toilet really fast before you go to work - or before you leave your house in the morning.
Makes a big difference!

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KathyP said...

Rui, where did the time go ? We had a great time with our grandkids last weekend ! Hope you folks are not too stressed with holiday preparations !