Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today is a great day.
Yesterday was a great day.
Yesterday when I was walking into the front door of my work - I was thinking - who has it as good as I do at work?
I couldn't think of anyone.
My day only got better after that -- even though it is an extremely busy time right now.
And at home I am busy too.
But I am pretty lucky.

Today's job is to make sure your sink is still shiny. Do one load of laundry. Just one all the way through - dried, folded and put away. When you are putting the load in the washer - try this. Sort enough clothes for the next load. Then stop. Leave in on the floor or in a basket of its own in front of the washer.
When you move your washed load to the dryer - see if you can stop yourself from putting that new load in the washer.
Don't turn the machine on if you don't have time or intention to see it all the way through - but - put in the washer for next time you are ready.
Just an idea for today...

Do something lovely for yourself today. Have a bubblebath. Light some special candles. Read for an hour - something frivolous or meaningfull, whatever... Drink a cup of tea or coffee and really enjoy it. You deserve to feel amazing today!


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Deanna said...

So sorry I haven't been on here lately! I seem to be running out of time preparing for the Christmas holiday and my impending search for the perfect workplace!

I do home you continue this in the new year! Looking forward to playing along... my sink is clean everynight though! :)