Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Resolve...

Do you make resolutions?
I sometimes do and sometimes don't.

I think I will this year...
I think I might even add to them as the days go by this week on the way back to work...
I have been off on holidays since mid-December - my longest vacay ever - and I have to say, it is like a dream. A crazy, busy but extremely awesome and fun dream. As there are still a few days before reality... school, sports, work, lunch-packing, diet maintaining duties - I think I will revel in it.

Like today, for example - I resolved to stay in my pjs all day and do basically nothing.
Mission accomplished. We played hours of Animal Crossing on the Wii with the kids. We did not answer the phone (sorry to anyone who may have called). We didn't really clean up. We chilled and snuggled. My daughter, who just turned 8 on the 30th of December made her 1st muffins from scratch with no help and minimal supervision. I just got the things out of the cupboard and put them back. She did the rest - dishes and all. I cooked a pot roast for the fam... A sandwich for me. I cheated on my diet and I am ok with it.

Tomorrow - I clean.
The alarm will be set for 7am. I will jump out of bed and get dressed "all the way to my shoes" as Flylady would say. I will put up my hair and start a pot of coffee. I am deciding tonight which room I will start in.

I vote, front hall and living room. That is where I will start tomorrow am.
Once begun in half done right?
How hard was that?

I am even going to put my runners in the bathroom for a reminder when I get out of bed.
If I can get this crazy place tidy I will be happy for when all the company comes over this weekend. And really, as I look around - it's not more than an hour or two away from really quite sparkly all over. Just need to put some more decorations away and find a home for some of the new toys and games. Gotta mop and dust, dust and mop.

As for the long term - I resolve:
-To be nice to myself and thank myself for all I do by being happy.
-To have a million experiences. We started by going to the Rangers game the other night and I even went and got my daughter's picture on the big screen for her birthday. She was tickled. A small feat for a big reward.
-I will use all of my gift certificates. I have gift certificates for all kinds of places. I will redeem them to $0 because I deserve to enjoy the gifts I have been given. And I will use them on me - not on stuff for the kids.
-I will go horseback riding this year.
-I will take pictures til the cows come home.
-I will continue on my healthy eating journey.
-I will exercise at least 3 times per week.
-I will try and bring my lunch to work.
-I will go and see Mickey and Goofy (really - we are going in May!!)
-I will say I love you more often.
-I will add to this list and check back in on it often.
-I will continue to make a difference in the world, in my own way.

Do you have resolutions?
You should write them down if you do.
If you don't - that's cool. A list is only good if you check it off completed anyway and it doesn't work for everyone.
This year, I wish you peace and happiness in all the ways you can never buy.
Happy 2009.


Kate's Life said...

Love your list!! I am super jelous and excited that you are doing the Disney thing- You are going to have a blast!!
Have a wonderful Year Kim!

Pamela said...

Awesome list Kim. I'm taking some time to myself tomorrow to think about the year ahead. I think my list will look a lot like yours (substitute rowing for horseback riding).

It really is all about making each day an experience and not falling into too much of a standard routine!

jenn said...

:) You'll do them! I just cleaned up the xmas stuff here... now its time to start decluttering...yet again lol