Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can you tell things have fallen off the rails for me?

Well they kind of have.
However, the things I did work on seemed to mostly stick. I reorganized my kitchen and re-purposed all the cupboards. See my cookbooks above - now they are all out in the open where I might actually use them. And I have if you want to know... see out of sight out of mind is totally true!

I would like to tell you that my sink is always empty - but it would be a big fat lie. It is a lot more often empty though and that is something.

I am still using a lot less plastic bags but sometimes I forget. On the weekend I went around the house and found all the reuseables that had migrated to different areas and collected them all up again. Now they are ready to go back in the car where they belong (and get used).

Last month, I told you about my jars and Chef Michael - well - that one STUCK and I am IN LOVE with the system. To show you - I took some pictures I thought you might like.
Baking on top two shelves - all of my herbs and spices on the bottom - you may not be able to tell but the jars are 3 deep in some places! Tons of stuff fits in this cupboard!

Do you see Gabby's Girl Gourmet cupcake maker? All her "baking" stuff fit in here too...

See how I labeled them? You can't see them but they are there so you never have to front-face them! How very Sleeping with the Enemy of me... Mwah ha ha.
Seriously - do I have a problem?
Here lives all my pots and pans. Since I do cook at home more than we take-out these get used all the time. This means that in the old cupboard they never stayed stacked. This spinny cupboard as we lovingly named it used to hold all the canned goods. Problem was, I never knew what I had because it would get buried at the back or in the middle of shelves.

Just a question - who WAS Susan and was she really lazy? Somehow I doubt it!

Now I am posting this picture - and now that I have taken it I realize I need to sweep... however, here are all my canned goods. I think the kids chucked that crackers in there - but all my pasta is on the left, oils at the bottom... canned in behind - you get the idea. And I know what is in here because I can mostly see everything...

LOVE it.

Last but not least, my apothecary jar who lives on the counter. Now you tell me - do any of your cupboards comfortably hold an upright cereal box without taking up all the space?

Mine don't.

So I bought this guy and he holds the cereal. Now I am not going to apologize for the lack of homemade granola here girls - it's Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I'll tell you - it never goes stale in this house. The black thing you see is my 1/2 cup measuring spoon which stays in here. The kids get their own breakie in the morning now - and almost no mess... One of the best $6.99s (I think!) I ever spent on a home organization device...


Regan said...

lmao!!! sleeping with the enemy...too funny

looks great though!!

jenn said...

LOVE it!

KathyP said...

I love the apothacary jar too for cereal. I got two at Walmart for nine bucks each. Your cupboards look great. It's way more fun cooking when you can find things and those opened bags of stuff don't spill all over when you are finding stuff. I finally got my own label maker and I love it. ps they are $10.00 cheaper at walmart than other stores. I bought new file folders for my bills which I'm going to label and that should make filing easier !